Design for Your Frontline : Level Up Your Mobile Insurance Sales
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Design for Your Frontline : Level Up Your Mobile Insurance Sales

Design for Your Frontline : Level Up Your Mobile Insurance Sales

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In a previous article, we revealed the four cornerstones for an outstanding insurance offer that result in happy, loyal customers and by default happier and more productive frontline agents with increased insurance sales. However – there’s a secret to leveraging your frontline’s performance further…


So how do you really ace those insurance sales figures? We know that the numbers grow when agents like the insurance offer they are selling.  Now imagine the payoff when those agents love the offer. That takes more than just creating awesome insurance plans. It means designing offers not just for the customer but with the frontline as a core focus.


Motivation with Benefits, and Beyond

Case studies (for example, the recent findings by the insurance company i-surance) have shown that when agents are offered incentives and additional benefits the attachment rates (the percentage of devices sold with insurance cover) in store can rocket to >60% – a record number in the mobile insurance industry. In the same report by i-surance, the overall Net Promotor Score also rose to 60%, a benchmark for mobile device insurance programs. Clearly, whatever these additional benefits were proved very worthwhile indeed. Below, we reveal these three success ‘secrets’.


Create incentivised programmes for a united front line.


How to Make Your Frontline Love Your Insurance Offer:


1. Link Customer Satisfaction to Agent Bonuses

Money talks. That’s just how it is! Allow employees to reap direct financial benefits for making customers happy and watch those smiles grow. This method was successfully implemented by i-surance and was instrumental to the jump in both attachment rates and NPS scores. According to the report, complaints were completely nullified in the stores they collaborated with. 


2. Share Good Vibes

Positivity multiplies. i-surance made it the norm to share all positive customer feedback with the agents, which bolstered the confidence, pride and enthusiasm of the frontline, and of course stimulated insurance sales.


3. Let Agents Enjoy Their Own Product

i-surance gifted the frontline of their mobile operators with the same insurance cover they were selling – so that as well as being able to experience the product from the end customer’s point of view, employees could also benefit from the same great customer service they were providing on a daily basis.



These three tactics, when put into effect simultaneously, caused happier agents to feed a self-perpetuating cycle of benefits – catalysing great consumer feedback and leading to noticeable financial growth of the company via insurance sales. Creating plans to wow customers is the insurance industry’s constant concern, especially now that we are in the midst of the never-slowing digital revolution. However, these plans should simultaneously be wooing the agents that sell them to truly reach maximum payoff.

The bottom line? Design for your frontline!

If you’re an industry professional and want to learn more about creating a mobile device insurance programme that your frontline and your customers love, or benchmark your performance to best practice level, contact i-surance via their website here.


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