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To benefit from the expertise you read about on the Telcoverager blog, head straight to the industry disruptors i-suranceThis European insurer is spearheading the successful fusion of telecom with insurance – and their knowledge in both sectors runs deep. To read more about this innovative company, head to their LinkedIN page.

i-surance provides the following services to grow your Telecom Business by channelling revenue from the adjacent insurance market:

1. End-to-End Insurance Programmes

Leveraging their track record with mobile operator programmes and their relentless drive for innovation, i-surance supports mobile providers to design, launch, administer and continuously improve insurance offers to their customer base. i-surance provides an end-to-end service to telecom operators, deliver the highest financial returns while providing the best customer experience.

2. Benchmarking

If you’re a telecom professional, you should know if the mobile device insurance programme that you offer is performing at full potential. i-surance offers a comprehensive best practice knowledge database to identify improvement opportunities in order to excel in customer experience and drive financial performance. i-surance provides in-depth analyses resulting in detailed recommendations on how to achieve the full potential of your mobile device insurance programme.

3. Performance Improvement Programmes

If you’re a telecom provider already offering insurance, but you’re not satisfied with your return in revenue, i-surance can support you in drastically increasing the financial performance of your insurance programmes. Plus, it’s a win-win agreement; i-surance is only compensated by the financial success their support achieves.

4. Innovation Laboratory

If you’re keen to get on board with emerging insurtech and be a forerunner in disrupting the insurance industry, i-surance is an experienced mentor.

To be innovative and deliver next generation offers to your customers, it’s vital to keep up with fast-evolving digital technology. i-surance has unparalleled experience in customer service, deep insurtech knowledge and global industry expertise. With i-surance on board get ready to fill your innovation pipeline!

Get in touch directly with i-surance via the contact options on their website here.