JENS SCHÄDLER - Telcoverager
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Jens is the owner of Telcoverager and CEO and founder of the disruptive insurance company i-surance.


Before embarking on his mission to shake up the insurance industry, he spent 18 years in strategy consulting (Bain & Company, Booz Allen) focusing on the telecom industry.


Jens is a true telco expert, having worked for more than a dozen operators across Europe. From this experience comes his belief that it’s the telco operators who will be the better insurance providers!


When he’s not thinking about how to inspire his telco clients (which is very rare), you’ll find him on the slopes, with his two kids or traveling across Europe to meet with friends. If you want to win his heart, have a couple of chocolate bars ready – that should do it.


Jens is a Swiss and French citizen and speaks fluent German, French, and English. He studied business administration and law in parallel, receiving the CEMS masters in international management and a Ph.D. in law.